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technical resources

In the same spirit of the free software I enjoy using, supporting, and developing, I plan to make this a useful, free technical resource area for issues that have effected clients, friends, and/or me.

Bits and Pieces of (hopefully) Useful Information

  • Tue Jul 29 11:08:03 CDT 2003 I am helping author a book called Secure Architectures with OpenBSD. You may find a list of downloads useful for chapters I have contributed here
  • Fri Jul 11 08:52:26 CDT 2003 Who can register an IPv6 dns server ?
  • Wed Jul 9 12:45:35 CDT 2003 Hash Zip, my idea of compression at the expense of time
  • Thu May 8 10:11:18 CDT 2003 My Anti- Spam arsenal.

Coming Soon, Descriptions of...

  • How I can help you to stop Spam and Viruses from flowing in and out of your network. Feel free to contact me if you would like an advance quote or bid on my time at Ebay!
  • OpenCM, a slowly progressing alternative to cvs.
  • XFree86 v6 patches
  • isakmpd and m4, configuration made easy
  • IPv6 and OpenBSD, easy to do!
  • ChatAgent, a new concept in online communications. Let the daemon stay running, you check in from time to time when you are around.
  • fdct .. for lack of a more creative name, Free Daemon Consulting Time, the invoicing system I continue to use and refine that utilizes perl, postgresql, and latex.

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