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Free Daemon Consulting, LLC specializes in setup, maintenance, or migration assistance with UNIX, IPv6, SQL, and other networking technologies in support of free software solutions.

Please see my resume for my background and experience.

Using OpenBSD to deploy IPsec VPN's has become a recent capability of mine, which caused some fixes to the IPv6 innards of the OpenBSD kernel with respect to IPsec. You can now be assured that you can have a secure IPv6 or IPv4 based vpn.

Sinta livre perguntar se eu puder lhe ajudar reduzir o custo, realçam a qualidade suas máquinas de UNIX, ou talvez mesmo da ajustada acima para você! Com OpenBSD, você pode ter o correio, a correia fotorreceptora, o dns, o samba, a base de dados, ou mesmo o ftp server o mais seguro para fora de lá... e suportar o software livre, como eu .


 /day'mn/ or /dee'mn/ n. [from the mythological meaning,
 later rationalized as the acronym `Disk And Execution MONitor'] A
 program that is not invoked explicitly, but lies dormant waiting for
 some condition(s) to occur.

Free Daemon Consulting is owned and operated by Todd T. Fries, in support of free software solutions. May we all endeavor to leave positive lasting impressions in our inter-galactic community.

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