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Free Daemon Consulting, LLC provides setup, maintenance, or migration assistance with networking technologies. Free Daemon Consulting can help you reduce cost, enhance the quality of your UNIX machines, or perhaps even set up one of the most secure mail, web, dns, samba, database, or even ftp server for you with OpenBSD! Free Daemon Consulting specializes in UNIX, IPv6, SQL, and VOIP in support of free software solutions.

Todd Fries, President of Free Daemon Consulting, can be found in the contributing authors section of the book recently released entitled "Secure Architectures with OpenBSD". It can be ordered online here, here, and here . Todd contributed a large portion of the IPv6, IPsec, backup, and X11 chapters, as well as a lot of fixes and corrections throughout the book. It is a comprehensive book for anyone wishing to read up on the details of getting the most out of OpenBSD! Please see Todd's resume for his background and experience.

Many people ask `What do you do?' ... in short, Free Daemon Consulting is an internet handyman. Free Daemon Consulting has worked on projects involving ssh(1) tunneling (with isakmpd(8)  ), ipsec(4) vpn(8), Asterisk pbx, named(8), dhcpd(8), authpf(8), spamd(8), carp(4) and pfsync(4) (lyrics), ip6(4), wi(4), ... and many others. On more than a few of these projects, Free Daemon Consulting staff has implemented and learned and deployed at the same time. If Free Daemon Consulting does not know some aspect of OpenBSD and/or some free software product, feel free to contact us and we will either point you to someone who does, or accept the responsibility to do some learning outside of billable time.


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 meaning, later rationalized as the acronym
 `Disk And Execution MONitor'] A program
 that is not invoked explicitly, but lies
 dormant waiting for some condition(s) to

Free Daemon Consulting is owned and operated by Todd T. Fries , in support of free software solutions. May we all endeavor to leave positive lasting impressions in our inter-galactic community.

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